My First Ever London Fashion Week - Day 4

Monday meant the last day of London Fashion Week for me, & although I was knackered, I was definitely going to miss it!

I was covering the day for River Island so to read what I got up to take a look here!

River Island Khaki Pu Sleeve Jacket, c/o River Island
River Island Leather Molly Jeggings, c/o River Island
Alexander Wang Kirsten Tote lookalike, ebay - £32
Faux Jeffrey Campbell Spike Lita Lookalikes, c/o daisystreet
(yes, these are the BEST lookalikes ever!!!)

Large circle sunglasses, ebay - £6.39
Black Knit Beanie, carboot - 50p

I also met the NICEST PERSON EVER! On the tube in camden on my way back from a meeting (I also saw Azealia Banks walking through Camden omg I died)! She was a reader of the blog (if it is you please please tweet me as I can't find you on twitter and I wanna say hey!) and she was honestly the most down to earth and bubby person, we had such a lovely chat and she told me how surprising I am in real life. I guess I didn't realise people thought I may be shy and demure cause of how I act on the blog (me and my blogger pouting doesn't help haha) but I am actually so so chatty and it was so nice to meet someone who reads my blog and actually be excited to meet me. So yeah - big shoutout to you babygirl for making my whole month! ;-)

I really love what River Island have got in store at the moment. James & I actually popped into the meadowhall store yesterday and I literally fell in love with their whole a/w collections! I'm not usually fussed about highstreet stores, but River Island were pleasantly surprising!

The outfit I am wearing pretty much epitomises A/W fashion for me (although it was SO hot on Monday it wasn't the most appropriate outfit haha!) and although everyone and their mum owns this jacket I still wanted it as a staple. The jeggings are amazing, they are super flattering and specially for someone who hates their legs, they didn't make me too self conscious! And I don't really like Jegeings but these are more like stretchy and tight jeans :-)

My final day at London Fashion Week was pretty stressful, but overall incredible! I'm going to do a post tomorrow on street style and my overall thoughts on London Fashion Week!
Hope you are all well and like my outfit! & Thrifty Thursdays will be going back to normal next week - just had to leave it for a couple of weeks due to fashion week taking over my life haha :-)


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