Wear Your Wardrobe #02 & #03 - Stud crop and Topshop leggings

Hello everyone! How are you all?
I'm posting my last two challenges of wear your wardrobe into one post - sorry about this! Just been dead busy so thought it would be easier to feature both!

Firstly, I chose to transform was this drop arm baggy black vest I own from topshop, which I thrifted for 50p. I don't think I have ever worn this top as it's difficult to pair it! I fell in love with these topshop leggings - they are the main focus of this outfit and I feel like will transform any plain tee ensemble! Rather than jeans and a boring top, these crazy print leggings really make this outfit what it is!

Topshop baggy drop arm hole vest, carboot - 50p
Topshop Aztec black & white leggings, c/o vouchercodes (£20)
Faux Jeffrey Campbell Litas, ebay - £35
Inverted Kora Cross Necklace, c/o Rock'n'Rose

Next, I found a plain black bodycon skirt I bought last year off ebay for a fiver. It is the most boring item of clothing in the entire world, but very flattering when worn right and I only got it to wear with tops tucked in on nights out etc. But I find that ridiclously boring nowadays and I wanted to find something to transform this skirt, and found this stud embellish top in ARK for just £15. It instantly transforms the skirt into a dress, and something I've already recieved a few comments on!

Ark studded crop top/bustier c/o vouchercodes (£15)
Black Bodycon panel skirt, ebay - £5
Faux Jeffrey Campbell Litas, ebay - £35

I have really enjoyed this challenge, thankyou SO much to Most Wanted, the lifestyle magazine from vouchercodes.co.uk for inviting me to join in! I've actually been a little out of my comfort zone, as I buy mostly second hand and never really venture into the highstreet, it was difficult to find bargains!

I have complied a few tips to help you get the best of your wardrobe, and really challege yourself and what clothes you already own!

1. Have a clearout - it sounds silly but I had one recently and it really helped declutter my life! Make a pile of things to throw out, give to friends/siblings, charity shop and ebay! You may be able to make a few pennies - and help by giving to charity!

2. If you have an item of clothing you want to wear but are not sure what to wear it with - try it on in the changing room! I actually took the bodycon skirt with me whilst trying the clothes on to see what looked best, and it was so nice to actually see how it looked with things! I hate that feeling of imagining a great outfit in your head but it looking awful in reality! It seems strange, but taking the item of clothing with you will mean you get a real sense of how things will look!

3. Finally - wear your wardrobe! Be creative, and mix it up. Things don't have to sit in your wardrobe, have a week where you wear something everyday which you haven't worn in over 6 months. You'll be surprised at how much you like it - my topshop baggy vest is actually one of my new favourite items. And because I haven't worn it in so long - I feel excited like I would with a new piece of clothing!

Hope you've enjoyed this challenge guys!
If you've got any tips, just let me know! And let me know if you think I could style things in any other way etc :-)


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