Wear your wardrobe challenge #01 - Disco shorts

I was recently contacted by Most Wanted, the lifestyle magazine from vouchercodes.co.uk
It was probably one of the most exciting challenges I've been set - and so fitting for my blog - which I like to think is more for the affordable than the high end bloggers!

They set me the challenge of 'revamping' my wardrobe. I had to pick 3 items from my wardrobe which I haven't worn in awhile (which was quite hard for me as I tend to sell on anything I don't wear anymore!) and buy something new to revamp it! The other challenging bit was it had to be 3 items for £80 altogether - and all from the highstreet!

This is the first installment, and I decided to pick this crop top I got from newlook a while back. I can't even remember why I bought it, I think it was when I had just been paid and I used to work in meadowhall, which is always bad for your purse! I wanted to style it in a way that I hadn't before, and I wanted to make it less daytime casual, and more nighttime glamour! I feel like disco shorts are perfect for updating all my old crop tops I hardly ever wear anymore aswell - especially for nights out!
I though it would look amazing with a pair of disco shorts, and I was right!

Bright pink blazer, c/o Missguided (£24.99)
American Apparel Disco shorts, c/o vouchercodes (£45)
Suede wedge boots, gift (£38)
Grey crop top, New Look - £8
Warehouse quilted clutch, carboot - 50p

The next installments will be this week and next - but I challenge you all to do the same. It's actually been ridiculously exciting and I've found so many exciting ways to style stuff that I would never ever have thought I could style it!

Hope you are all well, and my first ever installment of my new posts 'Thrifty Thursdays' is tomorrow - yay!
also, hello to all my new followers! I'm so flattered, the gorgeous Sammi from beautycrush actually mentioned me in her most recent video (I had a fangirl moment and died!) and so I'm assuming the majority of you new followers are from here - so thankyou so much Sammi and you guys for following! Alot of you are beauty people more than fashion, I would assume, but I'll be doing a few beauty posts soon, just because I get asked all the time! I'm definitely doing a post on my much asked about red lipstick i wear on my posts - which is only £3!


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