Being vegetarian : A healthy lifestyle

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So this is not a typically conevential post for all you SWF followers. As it quite obviously states, my blog is pretty much about fashion. What I wear, trends I like, and occassionally things I've been up to. I really want to start making it more about me as a whole, and how I live my life. One of the biggest things is probably my healthy lifestyle.

Now please do not get me wrong, I am not the kind of girl that goes to the gym everyday, drinks protein shakes and has abs the size of my fist. I still eat the occasional (sometimes a little TOO occasional) junk food and cheese and carbs will always be my achilles heel. But on a whole, I decided to start leading a healthier lifestyle, which started with me turning into a vegetarian.

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Now, I'm not going into weightloss, as it's a personal thing and I don't really want to act like I know about weightloss when I don't, as everyone is so so different. But I will say this :
1. I have quite obviously lost weight from the beginning of my blog until now as I was 16 when I started this blog. 16. I am now 19, grown up and dropped puppy fat like quite alot of people my age.
2. I live a healthy lifestyle & I do put the work in. I don't live by a set amount of calories and I see food as a friend, not an enemy. Having a good relationship with food is the most important thing in any kind of weightloss or healthy living.
3. Turning vegetarian alone won't make you lose weight. It's not a quick fix for everyone and if you are a meat lover then please don't deprive yourself just because you think it will make you lose weight! It definitely contributed for me as I was able to eat healthier options, but I really did cut alot of junk like all the pot noodles and crisps I used to live off!

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Moving on, As I am now vegetarian, and I get so many people asking about what kind of things they can eat, I'm going to do a few posts with pretty pictures and recipes of stuff I love all vegetarian! I want to branch out and try more of the main vegetarian brands (cauldron, Linda mccartney, Quorn) And give people my two cents. I've only been veggie for almost 2 years now, so I'm not acting like an expert in any way, just what I like to eat!

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I also feel like it's a great opportunity for me to actually experiment myself, trying new food and branching out to the best vegetarian products I feel are out there. Many Vegetarian products are actually not that good for you however, which I'm actually still shocked about everytime I go into a supermarket. I personally focus on Saturated Fats, and just because it's vegetarian, it doesn't *necessarily* mean healthy!

I hope this has gotten some of you a little more excited as to whats going to be going on with my blog - I know I'm not the best blogger, but I really want this to represent me as a whole, not just 'Oh look at me wearing heels and a dress' haha, as there is alot more to me than just that!

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One last point is that i have linked all photos to their source, But I actual found all of these on my FAVOURITE food inspiration blog (yes, I follow food inspiration blogs, not very fashion blogger of me haha!) called foodfuck. Oh my god, they have the nicest food pictures posted, but not only that, they actually take the time to source every photo to the original source which is usually a recipe! I hate seeing a picture of food and thinking 'Just how did they do that'? Anyway, I suggest you get inspired by following people like that as it really is super inspirational!

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Let me know what you think, if theres anything you want to see in this series and any questions! The next post for Being Vegetarian is a little tutorial on 'easy nachos'. If you follow me on tumblr (@shewearsfashion!) you will have seen many snaps of these badboys!


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