Hello everyone! Hope you are well!

I'm going to be posting alot this next month as I have some exciting things that are happening with she wears fashion.
First of all, I am blogging over at the Republic blog 'Wear it your way' for the month of June! I'd love it if you could pop over when I've posted and take a look - as it is going to be a variety of stuff and a little bit different to what I usually post on this blog :-) I'll no doubt instagram and tweet (I have more instagram followers now than I do twitter - madness!) when they go up :-)

I'm also taking part in something else, which I will be posting up this week, but I'll keep that a little secret for now.
Basically, this blog for the month of June from today is going to have a new post pretty much everyday to keep up with stuff I have planned! I'm going to do my new feature 'Thrifty Thursday' EVERY Thursday which I'm dead excited for! Basically just small and big hauls of what I've picked up that week from charity shops and carboots - I think it's definitely going to be my favourite part of my blog!

Heres what I wore for my first post over at Republic!

Trilby hat, c/o Republic (£12)
Chambray shirt, c/o Republic (£32)
Polka dot shorts/culottes, carboot - 50p
Faux Jeffrey Campbell Litas, c/o soyoushoes
Faux zara tan leather shopper tote, ebay - £11.99

It's quite different to what I would usually wear, but I like it as a sort of 'beside the seaside' kind of look! My ombre is getting lighter again as the brown dye is fading, so I'm going to dye it brown again! i think it will be a good time to take pictures etc to get ready for a DIY combre hair tutorial and my hair care routine etc :-)

OH and for people asking about a shop restock, it will be later this week fingers crossed, I have to get it all in order (I have about 75 items of clothing to sort through!) and choose which 20 are going up this week! Again I'll tweet when everything goes up!

I'm off to meet my besties Megan and Alicia for a girly catchup and some wine inabit, which I have missed so much since they've been at uni!
Have a wonderful evening guys! :-)
And let me know what you think of my first post at Republic!


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