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Hey guys! Hope you're well!
I don't think I need to explain just how much of a fan I am of American Flag Print. I think my love stems from always *wanting* to be an American. Being brought up on tv shows like Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network (Saved by the bell ftw!) I always loved how different things were. The food, the accent, the places, the schoollife. And my love is still going strong, especially when you have a show such as 90210 which makes you wish you were all of them (or just Naomi, such a goddess!)

I thought I'd show you my American Flag print pieces of clothing as it's coming up to the fourth of July, and I kinda wanna do another American theme post like my American Pie one, which was so tacky it was amazing haha.

American Flag Print Bikini, c/o Madlady
I was contacted by madlady to see if I wanted to have this gorgeous bikini. I remember when these badboys were really hard to get ahold of, and how everytime I saw this floating around tumblr and weheartit I would die with envy! They've become more *mainstream* now, but I'm glad I've got my hands on one!

American Flag Print Lookalike Litas, c/o soyoushoes
This is my 3rd pair of 'lookalike' Litas now, and they literally look bang the same as the Jeffreys! I really want to pair these with the leggings on the 4th of July, and they actually look pretty crazy together! Like with all my lookalikes these are easy peasy to walk in and add that extra something to an outfit! They're ridiculous cheap at the moment aswell, seen some for like £12 on ebay at the moment!

American Flag print Jumper, c/o Missguided
I LOVE this jumper. I already beamed about how much I loved it a while ago when I blogged about it, but it's a rarity to have a jumper actually be so small and well fitting for my petite self. I literally live in this and get so many compliments, especially on lazy days with my riding pants or pyjamas bottoms!

American Flag Print Leggings, ebay - £6.99
Oh my god. Can I just say that I have bought like a million pairs of leggings from this seller because of how CHEAP they are and different prints they have? they aren't like crazy good quality, and admitedly the s/m doesn't perfectly fit my size 6 and 5ft tall self, but I can get over that because of how ridicuously cheap they are. I want the peace sign ones next and a few others (which are sold in topshop for like £20!) I never thought I'd be a proper leggings fan tbh but I love them because of easy they are for adding something different to an outfit!

America Flag Print Iron Fist Wedges, c/o FYFO
I said when i first got these that I preffered a wedge to the lita style, and even though I have both I still love these badboys. I love walking down the street and seeing peoples faces as they see these shoes - they're just crazy in every way possible and I love it! They're the comfiest shoes out of all I own because its a fairly low wedge aswell!!

So these are my flag print items of clothing! I think I just need to invest in a pair of flag print shorts and a jacket or something and I'll be sorted! I actually love the whole Americana thing, and really want to get into it on the 4th of July. I'm aware this makes me seem really crazy haha, but yeah! I'm also sorry this seems like a very 'c/o' post - I hadn't realised until I collated it altogether just how much was sent to me! My bad - this doesn't effect how I feel - I still love flag print regardless of it being free ;-)
Let me know if you are doing anything for the 4th of July or have bought into this crazy trend!


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