#02 Thrifty Thursday : The £5 Outfit.

I was super excited to get this post up and show you guys!
I've seen a few of these '£x outfit' on other peoples blogs, but hardly every a whole outfit, shoes and bags included, which cost a mere £5. thats right - a fiver!

I struggled with this, and I wanted to make sure I didn't cheat. It really had to be a £5 outfit. The rules are as follows :
1. No gift items or company items sent free - otherwise it's super easy!
2. You have to include at least 4 items of clothing. So I have chosen shoes, bag , skirt and top, wheras you could easily do shoes, dress, necklace and bracelet - as long as it's 4 items! I find it much harder to do a top and skirt however, as I have a million 50p dresses lying around!
3. You can do this with any price you like as long as it's a bargain - wether it be £2 or £15 outfit!

New look drop arm baggy dress (worn as vest!), carboot - 50p
Zara floral TRF skirt, carboot - £1
Primark suede wedges, carboot - £3 (brand new!)
Warehouse quilted clutch bag, carboot - 50p

Total Price : £5!

I really fell in love with the new look dress as soon as I saw it! It has a drop arm hole and is similar to the black topshop vest I thrifted and showed you on my wear yourwardrobe challenge, it a great piece to go with everything!
The Zara skirt is ridiculously perfect for summer and I love everything about it! The Clutch I've already shown you, but is by warehouse and is a little scuffed but still perfect as a go to clutch. As its super big I can fit everything into it aswell :-)
And finally the shoes! I instagrammed this a little while back, as I was super happy to get these for £3! they're alot smaller than my usual high heel, but perfect for everyday, and when I feel like I'm going to be doing a little more walking than usual! They still had the £20 tag at the bottom, hadn't been worn, and they were in my teeny tiny sized (I have size 3 feet!) so they're definitely a complete anf utter bargain!

I hope you enjoyed this post and my bargain pieces!
I tag everyone to do this! Its very exciting and quite difficult to put together, and even I found it hard - and I own a million different thrifty bits. The best thing is that these are all highstreet brands , Newlook, Zara, Warehouse, Primark - not just vintage or not wel lknown brands. Just goes to prove that you can get the highstreet for a fraction of the price!

If you do this little 'tag' or whatever, please tweet or instagram me or comment - I really wanna see what people come up with!!


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