#03 - Thrifty Thursday : Bargain Bling!

Hello guys! Just a quick one today as I'm a busy bee running around posting things off for my ebay store (thankyou if you bought something!) and getting my next lot of things up - along with blogging for republic, blogging for shewearsfashion and generally being exhausted!

Though I'd show you a few bracelets I'be picked up from bootsales! I really want to build a collection of lots of them, from hippie wooden styled bracelets to gorgeous gold cuffs!

Here are just a few I picked!

Green cuff - 50p
Pearl Bracelet - 10p
Orange and wooden bracelet - 40p
Shell/pearly bracelet - 30p
Gold and black cuff - 50p

Heres hoping I can get more and have a whole arm of candy!
Hope you've been well! Got a new post tomorrow featuring my DISCO PANTS and NEW JEFFREY CAMPBELLS!!! (I was featured on their website aswell recently - eek!)


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