#01 Youwearfashion - shop restock!

I've mentioned it quite a few times now, but I've been doing my ebay store pretty much full time for the past month or so, and whenever I mention it it does kinda sound like I'm just shoving a few of my 'old clothes' from my wardrobe on.

You Wear Fashion is my first proper venture into a little 'business' and I absolutely love it at the moment! I'm sat there thinking of all the different designs I want to do, and all the different things I want to get in! I'm then studding, sewing, fraying, dying - anything to make it into what I've imagined in my head! The only thing I find really difficult is that I want to keep the majority of the items for myself!
It's going really well so far, and far exceeding my expectations, and it sounds super cheesey but so many of you have been really sweet about it! I also recognise peoples names that pop up again and again that keep coming back buying from my store - and thats probably the nicest thing about it :-)

Here are a few of the things on at the moment, and if you click them it will take you straight to the auction!

I *think* I will be restocking wednesday or thursday, please don't hold me to that as I am currently sat deep in clothes trying to get enough together for a restock! Of course I will tweet and instagram when I do - and good luck bidding and thankyou so much for the continued support!


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