#01 Thrifty Thursday

Hello guys & Dolls! Hope you are all smashing!
I am so excited for my thirfty thursday posts - I don't even know why! I think it's because I did them previously (good ole' iheartvintagex days!) and just felt like it was too much effort to photograph and stuff so I gave up!
It's mostly going to be bits and bobs rather than clothes as I like showing my thrifted clothes in actually outfit pictures - but I will try and make sure the posts are of more than '1 or 2 things' each week :-)

It was a mixed bag of stuff this week!

I'm a sucker for a nice new nail polish, but if you have a good rummage, alot of stallholders at carboots have fairly good and almost new varnishes for super cheap. I've never heard of the brand Misa, but a quick google and they're around £6 a pop. These are perfect and pretty neon, and they were just 50p each. I think they have a few knocking around on ebay aswell.
I absolutely love thei names for the colours aswell, really makes me look forward to summer!

I instagrammed this along with a few thers you may see, and it's very quirky and cute. I picked it up for £1.50 which is quite steep for a ring - especially at a carboot! But I think it's really different to any I own (and lets face it, I'm a teeny bit of a ring hoarder..)

I fell in LOVE with this leopard gold necklace, theres something so pretty and different about it, and that was just a mere 50p! This little cameo (I have such a huge collection!) was also 50p!

I try not to get 'home' items from carboots anymore as I buy so much stuff and my room is brimming with thrfited goodies, but these were 50p and they're very cute, I have popped them next to my dressing table just for decoration :-)

At a guess this looks like an original primark ring, but it was just 10p, so I figured hey why not, a girls gotta have rings!

These were all 20p each, I think the watermelon could but quite cute with lots of necklaces, same with the bracelet, and the little heart one is so dainty and cute!

I've cheated a little as these are sunglasses from last year! I just wanted to show you them as they are one of my favourite thrifty finds of all! They were just 50p, and are so vintage and different to any sunnies I have seen! I wore them all the time last year and I can see myself reaching for these badboys again!

These were 50p each, I also think these may be a primark brand but like I said, ring hoarderrr!

I actually own a fair few copies of Vogue and Harpers Bazaar, thanks to my mums next door neighbour who gave me a bunch of her old copies! I love having a flick through for inspiration, and was really happy to pick these guys up for 20p each! I may not be able to afford anything designer or even a full priced Vogue by the sounds of it hahahaha) but I love being able to really get into what the high end trends are! I also love Tatler, which I find quite difficult to find second hand wise!

These were 50p each and are adding to my collection of cute little thrifty bits I never use! I don't know why I love collecting little vintage bits and bobs but I definitely get it from my mum!

Next one will be next Thursday - heres hoping I can keep this up!
I will get a few questions about where to go for carboots and how to find bargains as I do occassionally - I did write up a guide a whileeee back and I want to do a more updated one, but check it HERE


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