Motel rocks.

As I mentioned, I went to a Motel Rocks event on Thursday.
I arranged to meet up with the oh so charming Sophie, owner or Crown & Glory. We had such a lovely natter & was so nice to speak to her properly. I already am a huge fan of the brand (as you all know from previous posts!) but actualy getting to know the girl behind the company made me fall in love even more. You can tell it's something she is so so passionate about, and she even gifted me with a gorgeous crown on the day! Don't worry, it will for sure be making many many appearances over the summer ;-)

We popped on over to the motel event and it was very hot! Gorgeous day but very hot room! It was okay though as there were lots of cocktails and things to drink and lots of nibbles - the event was really well put together!

I saw lots of bloggers including Hannah, Michelle, Kim, Steffani, Becca (of course!), Rosie, Eloise, Shabna, Melissa Nia, stylesecretsx & Imogen. I'm sorry if I forget to mention people - it's not that I forgot who you were, I'm just awful with names! I finally met Olivia from What Olivia Did after following her blog from the beginning. She is ridiculously down to earth and so easy to get along with! I definitely hope I get to see her at another event soon!

I finally met Shirley, who is one of my favourite bloggers ever! I was very much a fangirl and felt super nervous haha, and even more so when she told me she actually reads my blog and loves it! & yes, she is just as gorgeous, if not more gorgeous, in the flesh! *super jealous*

I also got to meet long time crush Lydia, who I have to say is literally the most gorgeous person I have ever seen. We had a good chat about her amazing ombre hair, and I have deicded to get one! Hers looks amazing, and although I don't think I can pull it off anywhere near as good as she does, it just makes me want to have a change! Lydia is literally hilarious and so down to earth, not just a (super ridiculously) pretty face ;-)

I also got to meet Selina who works for Motel - and we wore the same print! Luckily hers was in dress form and mine was a playsuit - great minds think alike ;-)

Deep in conversation.. obviously ;-)

I didn't take that many photos & I'm realy sorry - but I actually really enjoyed the night and it flew by! I didn't have that much time to take pictures, between the chatting and catching up with lots of bloggers!

We got a lovely Motel goody bag & it was such a well put together event. I was so so impressed, and so flattered to be invited, so thankyou very much the guys at Motel & Selina!


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