Welcome to She Wears Fashion!

Sorry for being MIA - but heres the reason! The name of the blog has changed. I stayed up all night with my boyfriend tryng to modify DNS settings etc because of the domain name change, and then setting up a different blog to let you know where the 'new one is'. This was a very confusing and frustrating task, one I hope never to do ever again!

Don't be too confused - it's the same blog! So if you followed i heart vintage x, you follow She Wears Fashion :)

Thankyou all so much for your wonderful birthday messages, being nineteen isn't that much different but I'm scared to think I won't be a 'teen' this time next year! I had a wonderful day and a blog post will be up soon I promise!

This new blog name change means so much change on the blog. I'm going to be posting more because I have more time, and I'm putting my all into a genuine proper vintage ebay shop. It will still be bidding from a low start (no ridiculous vintage prices like £30 for a grandad jumper!) with a few handmade things. Basically .. you all know its pretty much been my dream and I've been working super hard and earning enough money to finally go through with it.

So heres to a much needed overhaul of the blog .. and I hope everyone is as excited as I am (this all sounds so cheesey but I'm so excited!)

Oh, and this was my birthday cake - my boyfriend surprised me in the morning with it!
Remember that my twitter/tumblr and tumblrs have all changed to - instead of 'iheartvintagex' it's all 'shewearsfashion'.. simples.


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