So recently it was my nineteenth birthday. Thankyou all so much for the lovely birthday messages on twitter! I had such a lovely day! I woke up to chocolate pancakes in bed with balloons everywhere, and as I came downstairs, I saw my birthday cake & got to open all my amazzzzing presents! Me and my boy then went to a few charity shops, abit of primark shopping (i got some new knickers and pyjamas, of course!) and then went out for a meal. I wore my new vintage faux fur coat I got off him for christmas - it's sooo snuggly!

I also got some 'American chocolates' off my little sister & two packs of my favurite ever chocolate - FORRERO ROCHER ... but I ate them all hahahahaha so sorry bout that. Then I recieved my 3 FAVOURITE presents of all..
My boyfriend bought me a Thomas Sabo charm bracelet! We went to pick the charms together - because he really didn't want to get it wrong with something so expensive! The star is because I'm his star (yep cheesey blah blah) & the 'eternity' one is pretty self explanitory, same with the letter K. The 'frog on a pearl' was just beaaautiful, so I picked all these. and I haven't taken it off!

These are now my favourite pair of shoes. They are lookalikeys of the forever coveted Tan 'Dany Jessica Simpson' & 'Jeffrey Campbell Foxys' and they are SO beautiful. They are the 'Asos bitten platforms', and they are the nicest quality ever. They were also £75, so they are the most expensive shoes I own. Cannot wait to whip these out in the summer! And they are SO comfy!

.. and finally, this was the biggest surprise ever. My dad bought me a laptop. Now, if I'm honest, I've never had so much money spent on me, a laptop this nice is so out of my parents price range, so it was such an incredible surprise, and I am so so grateful! It means I can take my blog with me wherever I go.. and yeah its not a MAC, but I love it, and I think I'm always going to be a PC girl at heart ;) it also had HD graphics and a CORE i5 processor - which apparently makes it really good. Literally been sat watching so much tv on it at night!

So yeah, this was my birthday! I feel like genuinely this is 'my year' and I'm really going to try and keep this blog up to date!


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