So today was a fairly normal day, James & I usually go to a carboot but because of the wind, when we turned up there was like 5 stalls so we just went. Theres only one running until March and I'm so frustrated because it's where most of the stock for the shop is going to be from! I've still got a few gems I'm selling however to keep me going till March :) The items are all going up tomorrow at 7pm HERE, as they're on a scheduled listing. There's only a handful at the moment & this jumper is one of them..

Bird knit jumper, thrifted (carboot) - 50p
Topshop leather leggings, gift
Black hand knit chunky snood, ebay - £5
Fox ring, gift
Blue stone ring, primark - £2

I'm so sad to be selling it as I think its the cutest jumper in the whole world, but I have to realise I own too many knits/jumpers so I cannot justify having it.. even if it was only 50p!
I'll be tweeting when all the items go up etc, so please let me know what you think of the stock etc, and if you like it and all that jazz. I don't want it to be a 'blogshop', I want it to be an actual shop that could potentially be my career, but of course I'm going to just have to see how it all pans out :) But any feedback is muchos appreciated, and if anyone is wanting anything 'buy it now' im open to resonable offers if you just mail my ebay account!


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