Sorry for such a belated 'christmas' post - I've just been so busy being well.. lazy. I've enjoyed having time off to enjoy myself and it's my birthday tomorrow - I can't believe it's been a year already!

I went to Kent to spend christmas with my boyfriends family. I had such a lovely time, but I did quite miss my family, it was the first time I'd spent christmas away from them!

Heres a few pictures of what I got. (sorry for the shoddy quality, lighting is terrible today as the weather is just dreadfully cold and dark!)

I also got a few other lovely things like a cupcake decorating kit, a nintendo ds and faux fur coats x2! (my boyfriend and mum know me oh so well!) I got really spoilt this year because I have an amazing boyfriend (sorry for the extra cheesiness!) so it was really a pleasant surprise to get such wonderful things. I mostly got clothes really so I'm pretty set for my A/W winter now!

Seen as it's my birthday tomorrow there won't be a post, but hopefully I'll get one up of what I wore/got up to/things I got.

I really really hope you have all had a lovely christmas and a happy new year! I'm going to have a belated 'new year' kinda post later on so I'll give you all a proper thankyou then too. Next time I post I'll be 19 .. ahh!


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