Hanging on

Hello all, how are you?
Practically live in this tribal cardigan I got off ebay in summer. I'm ALWAYS cold, so I constantly have to have a hoody or jacket in my bag to carry around just incase!

Tribal knit chunky cardigan, ebay - £16
Topshop zip turquoise vest, carboot - £1
DIY Vintage Levis, thrifted - Clothes swap (technically free?)
Peace & Cross Necklaces, 99p each (HERE & HERE)

This is just a quick one today - James has gone on holiday for 2 weeks and I'm trying to get used to being at my house all the time, as I spend lots of time at his. I've ran alot of errancds today as I've dyed my next batch of YWF stuff and am just waiting for my studs to arrive - I ended up paying £33 in customs charges (!!) because I buy them wholesale (about 2,000 studs altogether!) and they're from America. It still ends up being the cheapest even with the american postal charges and chustoms - but its so annoying
Hope you're all well!


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