#11 Thrifty Thursday - Primark Suede Pumps

You know when you wanted something for ages when it was in store, and you finally get there and they have nothing left in your size at all, and you trapse ebay constantly looking to see if you get get it, but to no avail? Yeah, that was these pumps. I saw a similar pair from topshop, but they were wayyy to expensive, and then Primark, as the good old gem that it is, got lookalikeys in store for like £4 or something. I'm more of a heels kinda girl, we all know this. But these pumps are just so pretty and elegant, they're faux suede and even the inside is classy! They could definitely pass for zara, 100%. Well I couldn't find them and I forgot ever trying to get them.

Then my mum came home with them.
Brand new, never worn.
In my size.
For £1.50 from a carboot.

Yeah, I have had a pretty awful week, and my mum instantly cheered y up! Infact she had no idea I wanted these shoes, she just got them for me on a whim (and for £1.50 It wouldn't have been a disaster if I hadn't liked them!)
I love that my weeks finally started looking up! And thriftiness has once more prevailed to be the best thing in my life right now!

Lots of love for my mum!
Sorry it was a short one today guys - got tonnes of YWF stuff to get done.
Is there anything you guys have missed out on and been pining after?


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