#08 Thrifty Thursday - £1 Jumpsuit

Hello all, hope you are well!

Floral midi jumpsuit, carboot - £1
Cat eye Lee Cooper Sunglasses, carboot - £1
Faux zara tan leather shopper tote, ebay - £11.99
ASOS bitten platforms, gift (similar here!)

Such a strange post this one - I took these photos a while back of when I wore my lovely little bargainous jumpsuit I thrifted from a bootsale for £1! It's a really weird shape, but lovely and oversized and has a sweetheart neckline and 3 quarter length legs. It is very different do any jumpsuit I have owned, and it's a mix between a playsuit and jumpsuit because of the length!
The reason I say it's strange is because of the actual weather today - was really rainy and cold and windy, this outfit is making me wonder where summer has actually gone! I literally cannot believe it is August, where has the time been going? So crazy!
I'm not going anywhere this year, but my boyfriend is going away for 2 weeks. His family are one of those that goes away like 4 times a year haha, so I'm always well jel!

My sunglasses are also a 'thrift', Genuine lee Cooper sunnies in a cat eye style for just £1! So happy with my carboot sunglasses finds so far!
Last year I got LOADS of vintage sunglasses that I wanted to put into my store when I eventually got it going so they will all be going in there soon!
Shop restock tomorrow and look out for my instagram (@shewearsfashion) as there will be a few sneak peeks of what will be stocked!

Also a little note about my ASOS Bitten heels. The Jeffrey Campbell Foxys which are basically the same are in the office sale for just £55!!! Get them HERE , just thought the people who are fans of my asos ones might like to take a lookie!! :-)

Hope you are enjoying the weird weather!


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