Faux / Lookalike Double Platform Stud Creepers

Hey everyone! Hope you are well!
I just wanted to dedicate a whole post on these beautiful creepers which I finally decided to buy! After much 'uhming' and 'ahhing' over wether creepers were a little too overdone and grungey, I clicked the buy it now button ans they arrived just 2 days later!
Creepers have been super popular for ages now, and although I wanted the original TUK branded creepers, I thought £20 lookalikes off ebay were a little more realistic!

(other styes available HERE, HERE & HERE)

When choosing a pair, I thought the studded ones actually made them look 'realer'! They literally have tonnes and tonnes of different styles on ebay, but I thought black would be the safest to go with as it goes with everything :-)
I chose the 'double platform', for the pure reason I wanted the extra heaight! With double platform you can't get as any different designs, but they look much crazier haha! I don't think it's overly obvious that its a double platform (unless you compared it to single which I can't do obvs!)
They are definiely very comfortable, as for fit I'm not very good at guaging this, but they are fairly loose, so wear fairly thick socks! But otherwise they are true to size! They are not heavy like genuine creepers so are easy enough to walk around in :-)

I think they will look lovely teamed with shorts or riding pants and a nice knit beanie!
What do you think of Creepers? whcih colour should I get next? EEEE!


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