Excuse the whole 'trying to pout and look like a model but failing miserably cause im standing in the middle of a busy street' face, but this playsuit is so fierce I just went for it with the poses hahaha. I know I'm not the only blogger that feels like this, right? Especially in my ASOS platforms, I feel so tall it's incredible.

Motel rocks floral playsuit, c/o stylecompare
Faux zara tan leather shopper tote, ebay - £18
ASOS bitten platforms, gift
Gold collar necklace, Primark - £1 (sale)

I was sent this playsuit to style for stylecompare (I know, two floral motel playsuits after each other - I am so samey haha), and me and a few other beautiful bloggers had to pick something for the floral trend. Of course, this is a pretty good representation of a good floral trend: A big bright floral playsuit for summer. I feel a little like a cheater because I styled it how I style everything these days, but hey ho, I think it turned out lovely jubbly! You can vote for your favourite HERE and I would superly appreciate your vote, and I even win a £25 voucher for stylecompare for one of my lucky readers if I do! Yay! Oh, & Please bare in mind these photos were taken before this random awful weather we have been having recently! I haven't been dressing like this in the 4 degrees coldness!

I'm glad to be blogging so much more now cause of you guys & It's paid off as I've had my first two magazine features! I will post about it soon, but again - Thankyou!
Becca is coming up to Sheffield tomorrow for an event & I'm so excited - gonna have a proper girly blogger sleepover!


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