I was lucky enough to pick up all these copies recently at a carboot for just £4, I'm dead happy! I've not really got enough money to buy Elle & Vogue all the time, so picking these ones up so recently & with the best covers ever (Who hasn't see the Alexa, Lana & Dakota on these covers ALL over the bloggersphere?!) so I'm one happy lady. I also got the Elle front row 'zine which still has the paper band around it - it hasn't been read! Well, it has now, but by me ;-)

On the topic of magazines, it's the perfect chance to show you the two magazines I have been featured in. I am so so happy and flattered and just overwhelmed that my first ever magazine feature was then followed by a second not long after!

Viva Magazine March 2012 issue

Tres Chic March 2012 Issue - Read full interview here (page 56)

Thankyou so much to Lianna from Viva Magazine & Sam from Tres Chic, I am super flattered and the features turned out incredible! they are now sat on my shelf next to my copies of Elle & Vogue.. Never though I'd say that!

p.s. Happy Easter, love Cinnamon & Dash x

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