American Pie.

American Flag Print Knit Jumper, c/o Missguided
American Flag Print Wedge Boots, Iron Fist - c/o FYFO
Topshop Leather Leggings, gift

This is something out of my comfort zone to be honest. Infact, out of most peoples comfort zones! I decided to team my american flag print shoes with myh American flag print jumper and voila! I don't really think I will be wearing it out like this if I am honest, but I wanted to showcase the trend I have been looooving.
I really hate wearing 'the same thing as everyone else'. In the blogging world it's quite difficult as trends catch like fire! But I wanted to opt out of the american flag shorts trend (even though I will probs end up purchasing some!) and fell in love with this jumper from missguided. I have had so many compliments already! Its a lovely small fit which I like, as I feel oversized sometimes drowns my smallness! It's also too comfy for words which is always a bonus! ;-) Missguided are definitely one to watch at the moment, I literally want everything they have in store!

The shoes. Oh, THE SHOES. I posted about these badboys on twitter/instagram/facebook (follow me!) and everyone loved them. You really do either love them or hate them. I wanted the flag print litas for as long as I can remember, but I think these are really a great faux or lookalike version. They are really easy and comfortable to wear and not too high!
I also think that if you are like me and don't want to 'jump on the bandwagon', they are a good substitution for the American Flag Print litas! They're by the brand Iron Fist and from the online store 'Fuel Your Fashion Online'. They have some lovely shoes, and a really good selection of Iron Fist shoes (which I know are quite popular as they're ridiculously quirky!) and are also based in the UK. As Flag Print Litas are quite hard to get a hold of and usually outside the UK (hello ridiculous customs charges!) thats another plus side. I'm also getting so many 'looaklike' Lita shoes at the moment that I like how these are a wedge, and literally *make* any outfit.
I think they would look amazing with a plain white tee and Levi shorts in the summer when you can't be bothered to be 'fussy' with accessories, cause there isn't really a need! I can't get over them to be honest! You all know me as being a crazy shoes kinda girl & these fit really nicely into my collection! I'm not going to lie and act like they are really cheap, but I only ever spend 'alot' of money on shoes and they are cheaper than the Flag Print Litas (inc the postage and custome charges!) and easier to walk in. they also arrived super quick and came in an awesome Iron Fist box!

I hope you guys are all okay! I've just been so busy sorting out my ebay shop - which is going to have so so many things in (inc these shorts!) over the weekend, so look out for that. Are you guys loving the flag print theme as much as I am?


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