I was lucky enough to e invited down to Manchester Fashion Week to see Missguideds show, and it was such a great experience

Bright pink blazer, c/o Missguided
Aztec / Tribal print bodycon skirt, c/o Missguided
Topshop white oversized tee, ebay - £10
Faux zara tan leather shopper tote, ebay - £18
ASOS bitten platforms, gift
Gold collar necklace, Primark - £1 (sale)

I rocked some Missguided gear, but unfortunately it was awful weather, so instead of this gorgeous tribal skirt, it was my riding pants instead! *sigh* But I LOVE this outfit combo! I saw the Tribal skirt syled with their popular bright pink blazer on their instagram & couldn't wait to wear it. It's not something I actually would of thought of, and is quite 'tailored' for what I usually go for but it's super pretty put together.

I got to finally meet the gorgeous Gem, And see Victoria, Sara, Rosie & Lara again!
Unfortunately I actually fell quite ill, and wasn't able to attend the afterparty, and curled up in my friends flat and a hot water bottle at 7pm. Boo! I just wore myself out and needed to have a rest.
My camera was playing up loads so didn't get as many shots as I wanted - but here are a few of my favourites!

I'm so so so impressed - Missguideds styling was amazing & the new stuff coming in is perfect for summer. Flag prints, tribal & shorts!
I am so so happy I got to go, was such a lovely day! Thankyou Missguided & Sara!

You may have noticed my ombre is slightly darker now, I put light brown dye over the top. I do love the blonde, I really do, but I wanted to have something just a little more 'natural' I love how it turned out! No doubt that it will get lighter over time anyway, but I'm alot happier now :-)
It's my boyfriends birthday AND our one year anniversary tomorrow (I know right ahaha) so will be quite busy busy! Going to have a few incredible outfits to show you though for the birthday and anniversary date nights, so keep your eyes peeled ;-)
Hope you all had a great weekend!


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