#01 Ebay Bargain - Quilted phone case

I saw a few of these designer inspired phonecases knocking about on tumblr etc, and was so desperate to get my hands on one! They were so difficult to get ahold of, until I actually stumbled upon a seller on ebay with these little beauties!

Click here for the ebay listing!

EDIT: They don't sell them anymore (gutted) This is the best I can do! -

Isn't it just the nicest phonecase ever? It is properly quilted and feels such good quality for only £7.27 (inc postage!)! The shipping wasn't the fastest in the world, but thats to be expected from all the way in China! It came in this little box aswell, ridiculously cute!

Just thought I'd show you as I haven't seen any of these on blogs yet & thought it would be nice to share with you guys ? :-)
Hope you've all had a fabby weekend!


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