Primark haul.. it strikes again!


So you may all be aware I'm not a really fan of primark, just cause it's where EVERYONE shops, it's a little generic and I don't really like their exploitation of workers etc. But In this economic climate, I can't really afford to get my essentials (vests, pants) from anywhere else. Hypocritical? Kinda. But I guess thats life! So i popped into meadowhall with my little sister to buy some essentials today.

But I happened to spend more than I wanted (40 flippin' pounds!) because I came across these items which formed an outfit which.. I'm not too sure about really.


The tunic style top reminds me of the topshop one shoulder flute dress, only it's cheaper, at a lovely £10. I wasn't sure about it to be honest, and I'm still not. The whole 'tunic top with leggings' is a little generic for me, I like my brogues and high waist shorts.. but I think this is great for a laid back look for summer. The leggings are a hell or a lot comfier than high waist shorts, thats for sure!

Necklace £3
Purple Leggings £3

So I'm not too sure of the outfit, but I did try the tunic top on with high waist shorts and it looks pretty nice! I may wear it like that for a gathering I'm having on sunday with my friendlings.

I went to primark for my essentials and I got:
Two vests, socks, pants, two hairbrushes, makeup bag and some black leggings.
I love getting my socks and pants from primark, they're just so effing cute!

And have you ever wondered who takes my pictures for me? Most people use their boyfriends, but I do not have that luxury. I sometimes use a tripod but most of the time I use this little one..

Shes making fun of me and my silly poses haha what a gem.
Say hello to my gorgeous 12 year old sister (shes the same height as me and everything now!) She takes most of my pictures usually free of charge if shes not busy, so I'm very lucky to have her around! And her lovely dress was from primark today, £4! (I wonder where she gets her fashion sense from? hahaha)

I was also absolutely fuming at seeing primark ripping off the jeffrey campbell wedge. I own the asos rip offs that cost me £40, I love them, they're great quality and I wear them all the time. Primarks version however.. to be honest they aren't the worst rip offs I've seen, and at £15 I can see why they seem a good option. But it's so annoying to see primark copy everything designer. I know I have the asos rip offs, but they are good quality and hardly a steal at £40. Primarks aren't, and along with the alexa bag they tried to rip off I'm getting annoyed. If you can't do rip offs to a good standard just leave them be primark, PLEASE! *rant over*

Anyway, there were a couple of people interested in the blog meetup, hurrah! I will do a whole post on information about it and if anyone wants train information or you're worried about the cost, there are always good deals going on in the summer (and I'll make sure you are safe! and If you miss your train or something I will happily have you as a guest in my house, so don't panic!) Email me with any FAQ's regarding it, but I have SO much I want to show people in my city! The vintage emporiums I'm planning on taking you guys is literally HEAVEN!

If you haven't, please enter my Disney Couture contest HERE. It ends in 4 days! I'm really wanting to give this gorgeous thing a happy home! :)
OH and I need some adive, which SLR should I get? I'm looking at the canon 1000D and the 450D... thoughts?


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