Pretty vintage dresses.

Apologies for being so M.I.A guys. I will have lots of time over the summer to do lovely outfit posts, but the only problem is that when I'm not going to school or going out, I am in my pyjamas and make-up less. So to do an OOTD does take alot of effort and time and sometimes I'd rather just be sleeping or doing some other form of time wasting.
But I will definitely try and get more exciting things up for the blog, just give me time to adjust to all this free time I now have (yay!)

So what are the two things I hate about the rain?

I felt really empty inside when I didn't attend the carboot circuit on sunday, but I went to a jumble sale type thing instead and picked up two vintage dresses that are gorgeous but am selling on ebay (link in sidebar!) due to me having to save all my money up.
They were £3 each (expensive for a jumble sale I must add!) and were pretty long so I took them up.


I then found this zara dress for £3.40 in a charity shop. Love it, but am probably selling as I cannot justify another dress, especially a cream one.. I have 3 already!

Please excuse the face, I have lost (yes, LOST) my mac foundation which is my only foundation *sniff* so I am foundationless and have been that way for about a week now. I'm not as bothered as I thought I'd be, but I guess it's cause I'm being stingy and do not want to fork out £22 for another bottle! Not at the moment anyway.
I am not too far from being able to afford a new camera, and I am uber excited because this blog is in desperate need of good quality images. I think I'll have it just in time for my blogs 1st birthday (1st Aug) so keep your eyes peeled.

ALSO, If anyone is GENUINELY interested in a blog meeting where I live (in South Yorkshire), please let me know in the comments or even an email, because I don't want to do it and then no one turn up! I will take everyone to my favourite charity and vintage shops and we can all have a chat, I'm quite excited really. I'm hoping for it to be mid August (I know people have holidays etc however) I will give more details asap!
Keep entering the contest, and keep commenting and all that jazz. :)


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