Ask me (almost) anything!

With the one year bloggerversary approaching on the 1st of August, I was thinking that you don't *really* know loads about me. I like to be quite ambigious about where I live, what I do, my age etc. because I feel like giving too much away on the internet can be dangerous.

So a few questions I won't answer (not because I'm really secretive, just because I'm being cautious!) but aside from that, ask me almost anything by commenting on this post! Questions about my favourite style icons, pieces of clothing I own, my favourite shampoo.. stuff like that I think will be best. The questions will be answered on the birthday post on the 1st along with a few birthday surprises.. about 4 of them! I may also pop some of my own bog standard questions in there that I think may be good ones to answer, if you haven't asked them me already! And feel free to email me answers aswell if you don't have a blogger account as I don't allow anonymous comments on posts.
Please don't expect the answers to be interesting. I'm a very boring person in real life, I promise!

Oh and here are a few new-ish purchases/gifts that I haven't blogged about yet -

I know what you're thinking 'Kavita you own about 239p473865 brown satchel type bags'.. I know, it's terrible! But this one was a present off my mummy, who got it for £4.99 from a charity shop. It's SO vintage and pretty and it was a present so.. you know.

I'm not going to pretend that these are real, because my sister bought them me from China when she went and they cost her about £7. So I highly doubt they are real, but they are BEAUTIFUL. And I definitely would have never got a yellow pair, and when my sister gave me them I was a little unsure, but they are the perfect colour for summer!

These were £2.50 off ebay? Or something. They are so cute and very me!

30p from a jumble sale. I've wanted some polka dot tights aswell.. result!

The kite runner was bought brand new with a book token I found under my bed (still valid, crazy right?) and the curious incident was bought by my sister for me from a charity shop (unsure of the price) Some more books to get reading then!

Thats it then for my little haul. Please don't hesitate to ask me questions, and don't be offended if I don't answer some!

The winner of the disney couture contest will also be announced on the 1st (pretty big post!) and soon after the 1 year bloggerversary contest will be up. *phew* that's alot of shizz going down on my blog!
See you soon, and ask away!


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