Worst carboot.. EVER

So that is a MAJOR exaggeration, but I was dissapointed today. I went to 3 different carboots and they were all abit pants to be honest. I know alot of my readers swoon over my amazing finds at carboots & they don't find anything good, but I do have times where I go and it's just AWFUL. So don't worry, you are not alone! But I did find a few things so I'm not too upset.

I love tapestry style floral bags, I've found so many at carboots that I've sold on ebay for quite abit, they're quite 'in' with vintage lovers at the moment. I'm selling this one on ebay, I got it for 50p! It's like a make-up storage kinda bag, with a mirror and everything inside!

I'm keeping this one as It's the perfect size and I just love it & it was quite pricey for a carboot at £2.

ALSO, I bought a brown bag strap for £1 ages ago from a charity shop, as I love brown bags and thought 'hey, one day I may need this'.. and hey presto! It actually looks awesome with my new bag!
I definately love it, but I wil be sure to only team it with an outfit with 1 block colour or simple pattern.

I got this pretty floral lamp for £1. It's very me I think and will look laarvly on my bedside table I reckon!

This is just a little jewellery drawer with a lovely cushioned floral bit on top. Only £1.

The same person who I bought the jewellery drawer off let me have this TINY cameo charm for FREEE! It's so cute! I'm just gonna add it onto a chain and wear it on days where I want to have a simple yet elegant necklace on :)

This is really lovely floral topshop dress which was shockingly cheap at 50p!! I'm selling it on ebay cause It doesn't fit me, but if you're a 12/14 make sure you check it out on my ebay!

This is a lovely little polka dot dress for 50p that I got, I'm going to shorten it and keep it. It's similar to a playsuit/romper I own though, so not too sure if I'll definately keep it!

These are lovely high waisted floral shorts by Marks&Spencers St Michael, my favourite ever vintage brand! They are so perfect for summer, they're my size AND they were 50p! My favourite bargain of the day by MILES.

I also got some other pieces of clothing that I'm going to sell on my ebay shortly (link in sidebar) so check those out, they're quite larrvly.

Anyway, to top off the fact that I didn't really buy much, I had one of those scary 'I think I've lost my phone' moments & I nearly started crying until my sister found it in my bag.. Caaaraaaa-zy person right here.
AND did you see the wind today? It's the biggest challenge trying to sift through rails of clothes when they are all flailing about in the wind.. a hanger also hit me in the face. It was not a good day. Well it was, but you know... I'm just being moany!

Next post will be good hopefully, I have a few outfits I need to show you then of course 2 contests coming up soon. I am only 25 followers away from 500 and the Disney Couture contest so you know.. get following!
OH and I really want to do something special for my blogs 1 year birthday (lame lame lame I know) BUT I was thinking a meetup where I live? Tell me what you think, I really want to meet all of you, so so desperately! :)


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