TUTORIAL: Floral wicker basket


I got this wicker basket from a carboot a while back and these shabby chic flowers quite recently from carboots.. I wasn't sure what to do with the flowers and then I got the creative juices flowing! All you need is -
♥ Some fake flowers with wire down the stems
♥ A wicker basket or basket of your choice

Start indivually winding the flowers around the basket, remember, it only works with fake flowers that are wired at the stems! most of them are so try not to worry about it.

Try and clump them together in sortof an organised chaos, changing from pink and white sporadically

Make sure it looks pretty, with leaves sticking out in nice places and the flowers facing random directions.

.. voila!
I now keep my (evergrowing) collection of hair products in this gorgeous basket, and I am definately happy with it's outcome! I recommend everyone try this, maybe not a basket, maybe around your favourite mirror or something? Please let me know if you've had a go, I'd love to see your results! :)


Oh and I went to a lovely festival in my hometown today and wore this outfit -

Dress, charity shops - £4.00 / Sandals, ebay - £3.50 / Bag - £35

Although the dress was quite fancy, the outfit for me was just casual cause the dress was easy to slip on and so were the sandals, compared to my usually opt for high waist shorts, vests, brogues, etc. I'm also wearing my hair straight for the first time in about a month, it's alot longer than I remember it being!

My blog is having 2 amazing things happening soon..
It turns 1 years old on August the 1st &
I am almost at 500 followers.

I definately will be holding contests for both things with two very special prizes, one of them will feature something from a gorgeous jewellery brand you may have heard of.. Disney Couture anyone?

I won't give away too much info, but my god the prizes are incredible.
Hope you have a lovely weekend, I am indeed carbooting it tomorrow so look out for a cheeky haul sometime soon, & I now get a four day weekend off school (sat,sun,mon,tues) due to my english teacher leaving.


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