Sundays best.

Hello! I have another caboot haul for you today :)
I am the worst kindaof British person - I hate when it is hot or cold weather! I complain allllllll he time, even when it's a gorgeous day. I complain because it's just TOO hot! And sunday was no different, my god! I mean I was glad it wasn't raining as carboots get cancelled, but good grriiief! There was a cunning carbooter who has frozen drinks for 50p and it pretty much saved my life going round the carboot!

Here are the haul items I'm selling on ebay due to needing money!:
This is a lovely little new look skirt and was £1.

Topshop layer skirt, was £1.

Topshop grey shawl, fits perfect with all the A/W collections coming out at the momennt - 10p!!!!! There were some students selling loads of stuff for 10p cause they just wanted rid. I got a brand new eyecurler from them for 10p too.

Brown shoes - £1

Patent brown clutch - £1

My absolute favourite buy, these are AMAZING. They are too big for me :'( Literally heartbroken to be selling, they were £1 and are a size 5/6

H&M baggy top - 10p, From the students.

Now stuff that I am keeping for myself!
Floral long skirt, £1.50. Going to take this up, looks perfect for A/W fashion.

Lovely high waisted trousers by st michael that I cut into shorts. These are for children aged 12! They are SO tight on me.. but I'm keeping them anyway haha they're too nice not to. They were 50p :)

This was 50p , and I cut it up and it's now a tie up polka dot top. Think it turned out pretty good!

H&M grey cardigan - 50p.

Grey knitted scarf - 50p

Gooooooooorgeous vintage sunglasses, my favouties are the brown rimmed ones - 50p each.

Black leather belt, £1.

And now possibly my favourite buy...
I got this vanity set haggled down from £4.00 to £3.50 haha, It is so so pretty! It goes perfect with my new dresser and wardrobe (pictures up soon, promise!) and with the whole gold and cream shabby chic theme of my room. Gorgeous!

Tomorrow if the last day to enter this contest, so get entering asap!
Should be getting my new SLR camera by next week at the latest.. I can't even contain my excitement, ahhhh! Have a lovely week :)


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