Vintage Carboot Haul

So this carboot wasn't really big, because they have only just started back up. I have just started gettign rid of my clothes, so I had one golden rule ..
NO CLOTHES.. unless they were amazing, like proper amazing. Not 50p 'oh that looks alright' then you never wear it kinda clothing (which has happened on many occassions!)

So I bought a few vintagey items for my room, because I'm trying to get it sorted for a total shabby chic revamp. Number 1 tip for everyone reading this ..carboots are amazing for vintage trinkets, don't go to 'vintage stores'. They overprice and the stuff is usually abit pants.

Here are the decorative items I got ..

From left to right -
A pot frame with flowers on - 50p
heart shaped jewellery box with flowers on - 25p
White dolphin holder..thing - 50p
Orange tin - 50p
floral plate - 20p

I love that these items are very 'mis-match', rooms that have very miscelanneous items and dont have a particular floral theme look alot better than those with a proper theme to them. Obviously these things are very random, but would just look nice on my desk or shelves. And they were uber cheap :)

I really love this little cameo brooch, and it was 50p!
It looks big.. but it's because my hand is ridiculously small. It's quite a small brooch and I'm not sure what to do with it. But it's yummy :)


This is by far my favourite buy. It is a little charm bracelet with charms of - a watering can, shovel, sunflower, sun hat and basket on it. It's is so so cute, and amazingly perfect for the summer! This was £1 :)

You can never have too many sunglasses really. These were 50p each, and thought 'hey why not'

I'm not sure if this works and to be honest I don't mind as ot was £2. I had a polaroid abit back but I had it cause it was a gift for my friend Ruth for christmas and cost me way more than £2 off ebay ha! So I snapped this one up and hopefully if I can afford film for it one day I'll use it on special occassions! (if it works.. but hey!)

I loved these when I saw them! They are so Alexa Chung and just yummy! They were £1 too which is a BARGAIN. Unfortunately, they don't fit *sobs* so I am having to sell them. But they are pretty gorgeous right?!

OH and before I forget..

The winner of the contest is
It took me forever to use a generator and sort out peoples double entries etc but I did it, and it's weird it picked such a round number of 100. But thats what it did!
Congratulations darling!
DONT WORRY - Theres a new contest in about 4-5 days. So stay tuned! Thanks for entering though guys :)


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