Layer necklaces - Part 1

Hello! How are you all?
I am good thanks for asking (which I'm sure you did!)
So today, the giveaway ends (few posts down) at 7:30pm. Why not midnight? Well I have school tomorrow :'( So me and my little sister will be taking in all the names and putting them into a hat and picking one out. Don't worry I'll have pictures to prove it's legit etc. But then I will announce the winner on my next post (which is a CARBOOT HAUL BTW.. yeah I know you're excited!) but I will definately CONTACT the winner tonight.

ANYWAY. Layer necklaces are my favourite love at the moment!
They can be defined in my experience as cluster, layered and multi-strand necklaces (for ebay searching sake, in case you want one!)
However, wearing them can be difficult, it has to be a pretty simple outfit to go with it, otherwise there is just TOO much going on! Here is how I teamed my favourite one from PRIMARK which was £6! I love it, and it's very light because the beads are plastic. Doesn't it remind you of the necklace from this video?

Primark Necklace - £6 / Topshop playsuit, Carboot - £4 (It's amazing quality!) & Primark Boots - £17 :)
I also have a silver one that is very different, I can't find it at the moment therefore I will do one with that only called 'Layer necklace - part 2'
.. you see what I'm trying to do haha!
The playsuit is very very lovely, but also is great for making curves on people. I already have curves.. so it kinda makes me look abit TOO curvy. I do love it though. Even if it does make my bum look all weird.
And no it wasn't a particularly sunny day.. It was freezing. Things I do for you guys eyy? And I'm aware I look tanned on these pictures.. I WISH it was cause I had been on holiday! ..but infact it's just cause I'm using a different camera which is abit poop really.

This was one of the first OOTD in a looong time. You like?
Obviously look out for the winners announcement and a CARBBOT HAAAAUL! It's only a tiny one but still.. I know everyone loves abit of 50p clothing hauls. Actually it's mainly little bits and pieces for my room but WHATEVER, the carboot hauls are bacccck!
Sixth form tomorrow for me..
agh help meeeeee!


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