Ebay is crazy addictive..

How much of a good blogger am I? Only yesterday did I post and theres a new post THE NEXT DAY?! I am very proud of myself. Ha!
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Okay so I have been naughty and bought some items on ebay again. Agh! You may think I have lots of money.. I can tell you as a student.. I really don't. And to top that off I currently am JOBLESS.

Anyway, onto some lovely clothes :)..

This is like a size 18, and is very oversized. Like with the floral one I got on my other ebay haul post, it is perfect for high waist shorts. It's very pretty and cheap :)
£2.20 off ebay

This is Primark, but bought off ebay, which I do quite alot for some silly reason ha! Well I loved the collar on this and the bib detail, it's just simple and cute. It's a dress that would look pretty in the summer with some sandals I think.
£1.50 off ebay

Ah I love this so much. It's a topshop lace body in cream and is SO girly and feminine. Would look perfect with skirts for summer AND it was totally cheap for topshop!
£6.50 off ebay

My FAVOURITE and most expensive item here. I got lucky with this, the lovely buyer let me get a buy it now and if I hadn't, it would have gone fro WAY more. It's so cute, to wear with shorts/jeans/ anything! It's also very me I reckon haha.
£11.00 off ebay

That it my loves! There are a few more things I've ordered, but these all came in the post at the same time, it was like christmas all over again!
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Have a lovely evening! OH and I'm almost at 350 followers, how crazy is that? AHH!


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