Jeffrey Campbell eat your heart out.

I fell in LOVE with these shoes when I first laid eyes on them..

Don't jump to comclusions, I do NOT own these babies. They are the Belgium wedge shoes by Jeffrey Campbell, and retail at a painful $144 (or £93, NOT including p&p from AMERICA) I told myself I was going to save up for them, could you imagine an outfit with these shoes? It would MAKE the outfit, and I have lusted after a pair of shoes with a nice wedge for a while now.

Well, Whilst browsing ASOS, I came across some beautiful shoes in grey, that were almost EXACTLY like the Jeffrey Campbell ones. I was praying they had them in black.. and THEY DID! But I almost cried when I saw they'd run out of size 3 and 4, which are my sizes. I couldn't believe it :(
Well, still lusting over them, I went on them the next day.. and miraculously had a size 4 IN STOCK! I totally bought them! And then I checked afterwards and they had run out of 4's. It had been my lucky day, I'd bought the last 4! I ordered them on saturday, and them arrived today. Super awesome delivery!
They have 4's back in stock now, they have them all except 3 and 8's, check them out here


They are the Randal wedge by asos in black, and cost a staggering £40. I know, I know, £40 IS alot. But compared to the Jeffrey Campbell ones, I got an AMAZING deal. And they look great on.


Sorry for the bad quality, I'm borrowing my little sisters camera as mine ran outta battery, but I couldn't wait to show you guys!

What do you think? I really recommend them, and the grey ones are also really pretty. I got black just cause they will go with EVERYTHING, and have a rocky edge on any outfit!
I actually prefer the asos ones and I am literally the luckiest and happiest person alive right now. ALSO, I have an extra week off sixth form (woo) so I'm gonna try and do as many posts as I can! And get a few OOTD, as I haven't done one in AGES!

AND please enter my contest in the post below if you haven't already! I'm so excited that so many people have entered! And good luck, of course :)


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