Hiding in the bottom of my stairs..

I told you I'd try and post more regularly in my second week off sixth form, and look at me! 3 posts in 3 days? CRAZY!
Anyway, I've been quite ill, so have been stuck at home tidying my room. I've always always been a messy person and the bottom of my stairs was the biggest mess I think I've ever seen. I am in the attic in my house, and you know when you just can't be arsed to take something up the stairs? That's where I'd leave most things haha.

WELL, I cleaned it out, and found some things I had actually forgotten I owned! And I was pleasantly surprised.

The first thing is just one of those things I picked up at a carboot when I was like 13. It cost me 50p? I love it so much and I am glad I found it, it's just very cute to sit on your desk or whatever and the heart is boing-y (is that a word?) so it's fun to play with whilst you're waiting for your computer to start or whatever.


Another carboot find, how stupid am I to leave such fragile things in such a mess?! Well, they were in a bag. Anyway, they cost me around 15p each or something and are the most precious wall hangings I've ever seen! They were made in Italy, and are quite old, but they have this lovely vintage feel to it!

This bag screams Alexa Chung to me! I can't remember where its from, I have a sneaking suspicion it's actually my mothers though. It's by Jane Shilton, who makes lovely little vintage bags and it goes very well with this new Grandad blazer I got recently (I will show you soon, with this bag in an outfit no doubt!)

When I found this I was like what is this? I couldn't for the life of me remember it. I think I got it when I was like 14, and when I opened it up I got the surprise of my life!


Say hello to the jewellery collection of a 14 year old Kavita ha! Well, a few pieces I owned and to be honest, hardly wore!
The earrings are very cute but I never even wore them!
The crown pendant was on a chain and it was my STAPLE necklace for many many many years!
The locket with key necklace used to have a picture of me and my first boyfriend in it haha! It doesn't anymore, but I remember the picture and everything :')
The apple clock necklace is amazing. I can't even remember buying it and it still WORKS. After all these years?! I would wear that NOW, let alone when I was 14 haaaa.
The huge heart pendant made my day. It is a heavy heart that has 'Kavita, love always, mummy' written on it. My mum got it me when I was 13 and I am so so glad I found it!


This bag I *think* was mentioned slightly in one of my earlier posts (you know those embarrassing ones you have from ages ago on your blog? ha) and it was 50p from some crap jumble sale ages ago. It is very lovely, it makes me feel like some worker lady when I use it and it's big enough for books etc. I just forgot I even owned this, so I'm very happy I found it!

I urge every one of you to clear out your stuff. I was very pleased with what I found and forgot I owned!
Thanks for commenting guys and entering the contest .. which you can STILL do here!!!! :)
Hope you all have a nice evening :)


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