March 2010: Celebrities Style, Makeup and Beauty.

If you don't know what this is already, I mention who my favourite style makeup and beauty icons have been this past month gone (so march, obviously). Here we go :) -

Now I didn't think she would stand out, but when you google for a while, you realise that some celebrities actually have really lovely outfits! Hers is definately cute and casual, with pretty dresses, cardigans and even brogues (with the last outfit on the right). Whetever you think about disney princesses and girls like Taylor Swift, she still has an adorable wardrobe that I really like, and hey, her music is catchy! Sue me!

One reason I picked this celebrity and this picture - The purple lipstick.
I am totally in love, and I really want to get my hand on the 'D'lilac' one by Lime Crime, this amazing company online that I found. Seriously amazing, and the packaging is adorable!
♥ When having bright lips, make sure to keep it easy on the eyes. I have MACS mulch, and it's perfect for the crease of the lids.
♥ Liquid liner is used on the top quite thick here, which is always great for framing the eyes
♥ A cute pink blush is so perfect to match the cute lipstick! I just chose a liquid (well, mousse) one as they make the blush look more natural :)
♥ These type of wands are better for making lashes look more seperated, as the look here is less about thick lashes, and more about the 'dolly' look. I chose lash extension as I have it and love it!

These are shots from her cover shoot for 'wonderland' magazine. To be honest, I ALWAYS saw her as being very plain looking, and hated her cause she is with Shia Laboeuf and he is just..yum. But I actually have grown to love her and I'm probably just biased in thinking shes pretty because of her personality ahah. But she does look uh-mazing on these pictures. :)

Sorry, I've been a bad blogger (yet again) but I'm just so tired lately, I'm so glad I've got two weeks off for easter. I didn't even know easter sunday was TOMORROW! That's how zonked out I've been feeling haha! Please forgive me, I'm having a HUGE contest that has combined feb/march and also the fact I hit 300 followers. I swear it will be up, I just keep putting it off cause I keep adding items to the stash I've collected so far, It's gonna be a biggie!
Anyway, who have you been loving in March? And how effing fast did this month go? Love you all soooo mucccch :D


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