You, me, oui

Ripped Boyfriend Jeans, c/o Missguided
You, Me, Oui Tee, c/o Brashy Couture
Biker Aviator Leaher Jacket, c/o
Perspex Wedge Heels, c/o Choies
Neon Pink Beanie, c/o Bershka
Clear Sunglasses, c/o Bailey Nelson

If I could marry a pair of jeans, I think I would marry this pair. Missguided never ever dissapoint and these jeans are not only ridiculously 'trendy' (god, thats the kind of word my dad would use to describe something) but the rips and boyfriend style are completely up my street. It's always hard to edge away from the standard skinny jean style of jeans for myself, so these badboys make it alot easier to branch out.

I'm pretty in love with the transparent sunglasses from Bailey Nelson, which are a cool Aussie brand with some awesome styles. I thought it was only approprate to team them with my persex heels.. which as beautiful as they are, are probably the most uncomfrotable pair of shoe sI have ever had the misfortune of putting my feet into.

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