Valentines Day Gift Guide 2014 : The Perfect Gifts For 'Her'

I have been planning on doing this post for a little while now but it took me time to get everything together as my life is a bit of a mess at the moment. In between travelling constantly to Germany to see my boyfriend, and London for work, It's hard to actually sit in my room in Sheffield and look at all the things I own!

I have picked a few things I think would be perfect for valentines day.. some of them aren't just for girls so try not to be too put off. But if you fancy anything from this list do give your fella (or lady!) a nudge in the direction of this blog post :-)

For photography lovers ..

The Diana Mini, £38
I actually recieved this back in September which Stradivarius and Rituals kindly gifted me. I haven't actually used it much cause I suck at taking pictures on anything other than my iphone (and I have 5,000 pictures on my iphone no joke.. need to chill with the selfies!) but the Diani Mini is something that a lot of photography lovers would appreciate, and theres always offers on so grab a bargain.
(c/o Stradivarius & Rituals)

Fujifilm Fuji instax Mini 8 Pink instant Polaroid Camera in Baby Pink + (50 white film), £73.99
I have been DYING to buy this camera as it's the cool happening polaroid camera and I can see why. I haven't used it yet, but apparently the pictures are business card size which is adorable, and it's fits perfectly in most hand bags so easy to take out with you and get snapping! My boyfriend lives in another country and I bought this to take to London this weekend to take a bunch of snaps together and then he can take them back with him and he can have them as a little memory. I thought it was a sweet idea as we all take pictures then leave them on our computer than forget about them.. this is a very thoughtful gift for anybody. Oh and it comes in so many pretty pastel colours - ahhh :-) I got mine off ebay for £75 and it comes with 50 film, which is so reasonable!! Can't wait to get snapping (and delivery was surprisingly super quick too!)

For the girl whos always late..

Michael Kors Gold Watch
Lets be real, every single girl wants a Michael Kors watch and if she doesn't already own one it's the PERFECT gift for valentines day, hands down. If she doesn't like it, feel free to tell me and I will personally apologise to her.. I am THAT confident! ;-)
(c/o Selfridges)

Ice watch, £125
This wasn't on the 'group' photo as I literally recieved it whilst I was shooting, this is a surprise gift I recieved in the post as I had no idea who sent it or why, but I think the cheeky people at ICE must have read my mind. White is such a gorgeous colour and I love my white ice watch, but the gold detailing make this watch look even classier. If you are looking for a more afforable watch to get as a gift, think about an ICE!
(c/o ice watch)

Karl Lagerfeld Black Unisex Watch
Lets just talk about how amazing the box is. SERIOUSLY. This watch is one of my faves, and it looks weird on the picture because I took the links off to get it fitted and I will admit I have the smallest wrists to exist in history (They're 15 cm!) So it looks weird in the picture! If you have a girlfriend (or boyfriend, this watch is unisex and Karl has some fab mens watches!!!) who is really into their fashion blogs, then Karl Lagerfeld is a top pick. Plus you get extra brownie points for picking something not as traditional as say the Michael Kors, whilst still getting something trendy. I mean, any boyfriend that can recognise Karl Lagerfeld as a good designer deserves a pat on the back (I won't tell her I told you, promise!)
(c/o Fossil)

Marc Jacobs Watch in Silver With Diamante Detailing, £165
Holy Moly, this is the watch of all watches. I was kindly sent this from Ernest Jones and I didn't own a silver watch and didn't actually like them until this beauty came in the post. I really like the diamante detailing and it's one of the good names that any girl would appreciate, I have a feeing this style from Marc Jacobs watches is super up and coming so watch this space!!
(c/o Ernest Jones)

For the girl who likes shiny things

Ted Baker Necklace, £69.99
I was lucky enough to get this lovely package in the post from Ernest Jones as part of their #madeforlove capaign and it is the sweetest thing in the world. I think it also gives yu guys a bit of inspiration as how to put a little valentines gift together. I recommend a statement piece of jewellery, like my gorgeoues Ted Baker Necklace here (Ernest Jones also has an incredible range of jewellery online though so I would recommend having a good browse - if you're unsure, hit the 'most popular' section!) and take a trip to lush and pick out a bath bomb, along with any chick flick movie (I'm talking Love Actually, Moulin Rouge and The Notebook guys!) and popping lots of pretty tissue paper and bows around it all. Ernest Jones were absolute stars with this campaign and it's my favourite because they asked me to spread the love and send a gift out to another bogger. And I mean, who else would I pick to recieve a valentines gift from me? Of course It would be my Bestie Carmen of Lack of color, who I miss alot and also throughly deserves a wonderful gift for being such a great friend. So a massive thanks to them for making this happen as of course her being in a different country means I can't appreciate our friendship as much as I would like!
(c/o Ernest Jones)

Pandora bracelet and charm
I have never owned a Pandora bracelet, and so the lovely people at John Greed jewellery offered to send me one and oh my gosh. I didn't really give pandora a second glance because they were everywhere and I was kinda over it, but this is one of my favourite pieces of jewellery I have ever owned! They actually have so many sizes (even ones to fit my tiny wrist!) and I recieved the prettiest heart charm in the whole world. I didn't realise until I properly inspected, but it is a mini ring box with ring inside! THE AMAZING DETAIL! I can't get over how beautiful and dainty this is, and I think it goes without saying guys.. this is (aswell as a MK one) THE PRESENT to get a girl on valentines! John Greed have an amazing range of gifts for valentines, but their Pandora Valentines Collection really is one to keep an eye on!
(c/o John Greed Jewellery)

For the girl who never leaves her laptop

iPad Mini and Keyboard Cover
I never though I would be an ipad person, ever. But this nifty thing comes in SO handy and I can't believe I ever didn't own such a wonderful thing! If you have a partner who doesn't even go to the bathroom without their iphone (yes I'm talking about myself) then I guarantee they will absolutely love an iPad. This Apple iPad is from Argos and In all seriousness, everyone bangs on about them and people think they are over hyped, and I don't own a mac computer (I'm a windows gal!) but I have an apple iphone, and I love just how easier it makes for making notes in meetings, writing down my meetings, and also a key thing is that on train journeys or even plane journeys, I can watch them on this! And this awesome cover is perfect for on the go bloggers (like myself!) who like to answer emails at all times of day.. like waiting at the train station or starbucks. Honestly.. this ipad and cover is my LIFE. The cover is only £23 aswell, bargain!

Archos 80 Cobalt Tablet, £50
If you aren't after spending alot of money on a tablet, or you prefer android, then I would whole heartdely recommend the Archos 80. My dad owns this tablet and it is freakin amazing, and I used to have it but I ended up giving it away to a family friend as I never really used it (I have an apple iphone so using two different operating systems became a nightmare for synching stuff!) I loved it whilst I had it that I went out and got my boyfriend it off ebay for valentines.. he actually doesn't know and I really REALLY hope he doesn't read my blog on a regular enough basis to read that this is his present haha! I thought it was a nice gift as it's only £50, and because we skype all the time, he can now skype me in bed rather than having to stay up late at his desktop and stay on skype with me. I think thinking about gifts like this with a proper thought behind them are very sweet, and also its so affordable (and amazing, I swear!)

Beats Solo HD Headphones In Purple, £165
So my boyfriend was so lucky because he had no idea whatsoever that I wanted Beats heaphones, and he didn't know that I didn't already own a pair.. so he did a very good job with this gift! Beats heaphones are a very unisex thing and most people will love 'em, and I love playing my music loud and writing out a blog post so they are literally the most perfect gift for me. Boy did good!

For the girl who likes to dress.. down

Lingerie, Boux Avenue
Bra, £28 | Thong, - £12 | Suspender Belt, - £18 | Stockings, - £8

Okay so embarassing stuff aside, most of my readers are women and I am 21 years old, therefore I can happily admit I like a good set of lingerie. Ever since getting a boyfriend fairly recently, I take a little more care in making sure it 'matches' and so when I was offered the chance to actually go into boux avenue and have a look at their fabulous new valentines stock I jumped at the chance! I was honestly given the best customer service I have ever had in my life, and thank the Meadowhall staff for being amazing. I was shown by the incredible Debbie (If you live in Sheffield and pop in, make sure to see if shes around - shes awesome!) and she made me feel so at ease with awkward tings like 'How the hell does a suspender belt work', and 'Are my boobs supposed to look this weird in a bra' kinda questions! They were nice enough to measure me (for the first time in my life!) and I came away thinking I was a 32B to actually being a 30C! So that made me super happy, and it's actually free and so nice to get fitted, (their changing rooms are so amazing!) I was lucky enough to grab some bits from their new collection and it all looks super fancy pants for me, but I am happy to give it a whirl! If you are going to go anywhere for lingerie, Boux Avenue is the most classy and elegant place, it doesn't make you feel awkward walking in and it is actually super comfortable for guys too! Plus, the lingerie is so amazing, I can't actually get over it!!!!!
(c/o Boux Avenue)

I really hope you like this list of things and let me know if you like it and what things you are thinking of buying! Remember - valentines day isn't just for couples and you can always get gifts for your friends and family. It's important to show you love those every single day of the year, and not just one day out of the calendar too!

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