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I've had a busy old week this week. I'm constantly travelling back and fourth to London for various different projects and I'm quite tired at the moment. I know the easy answer is to 'just move to London' but I am travelling alot this year and I feel liek moving to the most expensive city in the world when I won't be there 40% of the time is just a waste. Plus, I'm just not ready yet.. argh!

Burgundy playsuit, c/o Glamorous
Chunky Black Cardigan, c/o Sheinside
Burgundy Trilby, c/o Daisystreet
Over the knee black knit socks, Primark - £2 (similar here)
Gold necklace, Topshop c/o Impulse London
Black wedge buckle boots, gift

Speaking of London I got to film for Dailymix with the wonderul Becca. I'm pushing myself to get back into filming youtube videos and tomorrow/monday Iwill be filming an 'DIY ombre' video on what I did to achieve my new hair and a little bit on how to keep it looking fresh etc. SO if you have any questions on how I did it that you think Ineed to answer please ask below! I'll be curating the most asked Q's and answering them at the end of the video.

Also a few of you spotted me in London when I went and I will be going back again in 2 weeks. If you ever ever evr see me always stop and say hello. It's my favourite thing in the whole world! (Just be warned that I can talk for England and most of the times a reader has stopped me I've talked to them for much longer than I think they want me to hahaha!!!)

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