When I see you cry, it makes me smile..

Blue Smiley Face Jumper, c/o Chicwish
Yellow Beanie, Ebay - 99p
Molly Leather Jeggings, c/o River Island (Similar here!)
Double Platform studded Creeprs, Ebay - £14.99
Grafea Yellow Leather Backpack, c/o Grafea

It's been fairly windy recently, and you can see it particularly on these photos.
Theres something I absolutely love about this shade of ellow. Ever since I recieved my much loved Grafea backpack, the colour yellowis something that is easily incorporated into an outfit. This yellow smiley jumper reminds me of Lazy Oaf and their crazy big cartoon prints! The beanie was slightly overkill but I literally love having a beanie in almost every colour (my collection is MASSIVE now!) and I just couldn't help myself!

I was supposed to be getting a new camera but it's not happened yet so fingers crossed this week! I have a Bridal photoshoot this week which I am so excited about! Never even tried a wedding dress on so it's going to be such a fun day getting my hair and makeup dont and pretending I am a bride to be!

Hope you are all well! Sorry I haven't blogged as frequently. Been abit stressed with everything but fingers crossed it's back to normal now :-)

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