My two days in Manchester..

I'm pretty much a health nut and workout junkie, so when Alibi contacted me asking if I'd like to try out some of their 'pretox' drinks, I was definitely up for it! The idea is that it's a drink packed with all the goodness and vitamins you would ever need in one can. Now, I'm quite a fizzy drink lover, which sucks when you;re trying to be healthy! Alibi is a sparkling drink, and chilled it literally is just like having a tall refreshing glass of fizzy pop - but without the crap. Infact its not just not bad for you, but GOOD for you!

The guys at Alibi challenged me to keep up my lifestyle but adding alibi everyday and see if it made a difference, and made me feel better. I would drink it after a workout & literally cannot live without the drink now! I've gone through the whole pack they gave me and purchased another!

They also challenged me to do something exciting, and so I booked myself and james a night away in Manchester for some shpping and retail therapy at Manchester Trafford.

I booked with Premier inn as they're super comfy and no fuss, and we headed off to enjoy the next two days.
It was hectic, but I had a lovely time, and here are a few insta shots with what I got up to!

Wreck it Ralph, such an incredible film! We went fairly early so it was fairly empty. So it as okay for me to cry twice, right? Highly recommend it! We then hopped off to Frankie and Bennys to indluge a little ;-)

The cheesey garlic bread was a fab starter, and the half and half huge pizza was massive!

We then setlled back to our Premier inn and I had a bath with my Dragons Egg bath bomb (my favourite!) The Lush Girls at Manchester Trafford were really lovely too!

The next day we opted for a starbucks brunch, the mozarella and tomato panini is a personal favourite. James had a nice latte and I had my standard Hazelnut Hot Chocolate! We then went to see Die Hard 5 (I think!?) and it was eally good! Not the best Die Hard film but definitely good if you're into those kinds of films (Like I am!) and the graphics are unreal as always!

Saying bye to the Premier inn and packing our things up, we then had some lunch in the form Harry Ramsdens chips with my choice of sauce being Mushy Peas!

Some of the tid bits I got! So excited to show you all properly! Splurged in Mango as there isn't one in Sheffield and honestly was so surprised at just how much I like it!

Thankyou to Alibi who supplied me with some money toward the hotel, I had a fab few days getting away! <3 Disclaimer: Alibi supplied £40 toward my trip, everything after was paid with my own money. | Facebook | Twitter | Lookbook | Pinterest | Tumblr | Instagram | Bloglovin |


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