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Hello all!
I've switched up the measurements on the blog so the images will now be at 600 pixels instead of 550pixels. only a 50+ change but it just means the pictures look so much better! Let me know what you think :-)

Style Stalker Leather Asymetric Zip Skirt, c/o Cage City
Lookalike Zara Metal Collar Tip White Sheer Shirt, Ebay - £11
Black Wool Blazer Style Coat, Ebay - £28.99
Lookalike Zara Black Suede Stilletto Sandal Strap Heel, Ebay - £14.99
Neon Orange Diamante Necklace, H&M - £9.99

I recieved this gorgeous style stalker skirt from Cage City. Oh my god, it's my favourite skirt. I'm not much of a pencil style skirt, let alone a leather one. The zip detailing and asymetric detailing steals my heart! Perfect with a blouse too, which this one is amazing. It's actually the same one from this post which is the lookalike Zara one. I wasn't feeling the collar tips though as I wanted to be able to wear it with silver jewellery too so James took them off for me. Easy peasy! And I can pop the tips on one of my other shirts now!

This black coat was purposefully bought as my 'off the shoulder' coat. You know, that really annoying thing that bloggers do where they don't really wear their coat, they wear it like a cape? Yeah, that. It's pretty perfect though, it sits very nicely and it has a blazer sort of effect so it's perfect for quite a 'proper' ensemble like this.

Another ebay steal in this outfit is the heels THE HEELS. I was after the zara sandals forevz, and then primark got some lookalikes in that I could never find. Then Victoria posted about these and I clicked buy it now asap. They are so amazing and they are very easy to walk in and it was just love at first sight!

I'm wearing my new H&M necklace that I got from my trip to Manchester with my boyfriend (post on that tomorrow!) and is perfect with shirts like this. It adds a bit of bling on a very monochrome outfit!

I'm getting a new camera tomorrow (AHHH!) And fingers crossed it's the d7000! I'm so excited as I love my camera but after having it for almost 3 years it's on it's last legs and I've been saving for a whole year for a new one - so it is very exciting for me! And the d7000 has video which my current camera (the d3000!) doesn't have so I might be able to do some cheeky youtube videos!

Hope you are all well and have had a fab Monday! :-)

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