#26 Thrifty Thursday - Light 'Em Up

Sometimes I throw an outfit together and I feel like a bit of a fool for even calling myself a 'fashion blogger'
It's hard sometimes to honestly creatively come up with an outfit, especially with the weather which recently has been.. well actually. I don't know how to describe it. I think the best way would be to explain that yesterday it was gorgeous and sunny.. and hailing at the same time. Yeah, that kind of weather!

Red Check Flannel Vintage Shirt, Carboot - £2 (similar here!)
Faux Leather Sleevless Gilet, Carboot - £4 (similar here!)
Crop Wrap Top, Asos - £15 (Similar Missguided version here!)
Frayed Denim Hotpants (similar to Nastygal!), c/o Missguided
Kora Inverted Cross Necklace, c/o Rock N Rose

The thrifted pieces today are good. I am sooo happy with how I paired them together! I was really not a fan of leather gilets when they first started appearing, as I hate gilets in general. I did become isnpied when I saw how AWESOME it looks with a check shirt. ANY check shirt, not just the £50 ones in topshop. Grab one off your boyfriend, or from the granny rails in the charity shop! This one was robbed off my sister who thrifted it, it's lovely. I own far too many that are huuuuge on me but this one is fitted which sits well with the jacket. I like how it looks like a jacket rather than a two piece shirt and gilet. I love that, and I think the gilet really transforms your wardrobe! So happy I got one for £4 from the carboot :-)

The cross crop top looks slightly weird in the closeups (like I have an extra boob underneath!) but I have fairly prominent ribs so it looks odd. I love it though, it's similar to the ones on nastygal I could take my eyes off, so when I saw it on asos I added to my basket. Bad idea. Going on asos in general is bad idea. OOPS. Missguided also have a similar one for slightly cheaper and in other colours - whichever takes your fancy though!

The shorts are ridiculous in a good way, well, I think so. Again another nastygal lookalike Missguided really are the UKs answers to nastygal its incredible!) you can actually see my butt cheeks when I walk if they ride up too much, and they are very much a naked kinda pair of shorts but if you are going to a festival this year (I hate you) then I would recommend them cause they look shit hot AND are mega comfy!

Hope you are all well my darlings!
I have my brial photoshoot this weekend in Oxford which I have never been to before sooo I won't be blogging but I will probably instagram everything as always! Much love :-)

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