Khaki Parka

It's snowing.. and I hate snow.

Khaki Fur Lined Parka, Ebay - £16.99
Dream Big Slogan Tee, c/o Brashy Couture
American Apparel Riding pants, ebay - £35
Gold Detailed Cut Out Boots, c/o Choies
Sheer Socks, Ebay - £2.39
Black Beanie, Ebay - £2.99

It's not that I HATE snow. It's pretty to look at and as a child it usually meant a snow day. But when you get a little older it just means that it's harder to drive anywhere and it's just sooo cold. I don't dress well for winter to be honest, but I'm quite happy that I now own a fair few coats. My sister actually got this one and it's SO NICE. So warm inside, and amazingly good quality for an ebay coat. I have to admit I wasn't expecting it to be so nice but it really is warm and cosy. Khaki Parkas were a massive thing last winter and I didn't really like the trend, but as I always jump on the bandwagon late (like with my ombre!) it was only a matter of time!

Wearing my riding pants is standard in the cold as they're very thick and the only thing that really keeps my legs warm! I always find my disco pants and jeans let in more cold than necessary. I wore my cut out buckle boots with some tight socks from ebay HERE as I wanted to be able to keep my feet warm but keep the cut out detail visible, which you can't get with socks! I really like socks like this was ballet flats when it's cold too, as I get sick of having to always wear boots and wellies when it's cold!

Hope you are all staying safe if you have had this influx of snow and if you haven't I am super jealous!
Also very sorry for not blogging so much recently. I had my first ever bridal shoot last weekend and then a trip to style a photoshoot with French Connection in London on Tuesday, so I've been trying to get my body back to normal from travelling (which I hate so much!)

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