Hello everyone!
I'm so sorry I didn't do a Thrifty Thursday yesterday - did you SEE how windy it was? I'm a 5ft girl and nearly got knocked over several times!

I thought I would do a post about Bloglovin', which I've started using religiously for a while now. At first I used google reader, until blogger decided to just change the dashboard and make things mega complicated. I've found a ridiculous amount of amazing blogs through just having a browse of upcoming and popular blogs on there already.

I find that alot of blogs can be quite cliquey, in the sense that there was a while where all I knew were UK blogs, which as great as they are, means I missed out on other great blogs. Probably the greatest thing is how different the style, climate and general feel of blogs around the world are from UK blogs.

I will be posting later on today as I feel bad for not posting yesterday - but it won't be thrifty (I have an exciting one next week though!)
If you don't already follow me on bloglovin it would be amazing if you did, and spend a sunday afternoon just browsing like I usually do.

Much Love


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