My Winter Coat.

On my blog, I like to think of it as a creative space, and sometimes I don't like to wear things that are just standardly a/w. However as it is super freezing, I thought it was about time to wear something a little more weather appropriate!

Faux fur drape coat, c/o Warehouse
Black dress, H&M - £9
Finsk wedges, gift for christmas

Warehouse sent me this coat and I have to admit that it is the warmest coat I have ever worn. There is the softest most snuggly material on the inside, and the faux fur collar lining is so gorgeous.
I wore my finsk wedges and I really miss them. I think when I get a new pair of heels I overwear them to death, and forget about my older shoes which I use to love. I actually got these two christmases ago, and were my first proper pair of 'killer heels'. They are the easiest shoes to walk in (surprisingly!) and I always get comments on them when I wear them. They're just so different to all the standard shoes everyones seems to own like Lita's etc, so I think I'll make more of a conscious effort to wear them! After wearing sky high shoes and getting even bigger, the 'small' wedge on this just felt too little.

I'm not sure whether to darken my hair - it's getting lighter and lighter but you guys seem to really like it haha!
Sorry for the poor lighting - I'm really stressing about the weather as I really want to blog as much as I can and have so many new things to show but its getting harder and harder!
Hope you are all well! :-)


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