Shabby Chic Christmas Ideas & Stocking Fillers.

This isn't like my regular outfit posts, but I wanted to just quickly show you what I bought my mum for her birthday recently, and thought it would make a great little gift for christmas for people who love all things shabby chic - esque.

Cupcake Candle, Primark - £2

So first up is this pretty little cupcake candle I picked up from Primark for £2 I think? Great little stocking filler, and actually Primark have the BEST christmas candles in there. Really realy lovely, and infact their whole homeware section is pretty perfect. I think I'm going to make a special visit there just for myself and stock up on all things -christmassy-!

Shabby Chic 'Garden' Plaque, Candletime - £2.75
(Similar HERE)

This cute little garden plaque is perfect as my mum really loves her garden, and again as a little stocking filler I was thinking it would be amazing! They have other ones in there too I think and this was £2.75 or something. It was from a store call 'Candletime' in Meadowhall which is literally like a shabby chic haven. I spent a good half an hour in there - most of it stood smelling all the amazing Yankee Candles they had. A girl can dream!

Shabby Chic Floral Owl Door Stop, Candletime - £14.99
(Similar HERE!)

Again this was from candletime, my it's SO FREAKIN CUTE. It was the last one in this print there, but they had red heart printed ones, and even cat shaped ones. It's actually a door stop, but my mum has notoriously heavy doors, so it doesn't really work haha. She has put it with all her cushions on the sofa now though - as in her words 'Its just too pretty to keep on the floor'

Scrabble Letter Cushion 'K', c/o Made By Stacey Gray (£4.50)

Finaallllyyy this isn't actually what I gave my mum, but this is probably the most perfect stocking filler in the whole world, seriously. These scrabble print letter cushions are made by the sweetie that is Stacey Gray, who actually asked if I would like a lovely little K cushion as I had commented on her instagram just how freakin' amazing they are! They are only a £4.50 (yeah I know!) and they're quite small, so perfect to pop infront of other coloured cushions on the sofa. I love that she has the ampersand aswell, so if you were a couple you could have 'K & J' on your sofa. Well, if James & I moved in together I think it would be the first thing I would buy ;-) I think I may purchase one of these for my mum (fingers crossed she doesn't see this post!) as they are very much up her street. But thankyou so much to Stacey for my K cushion, it's amazing!

I hope you liked this post, it's not going to be a 'regular thing' but I feel like this blog should be all about what I do not necessarily just what I wear as that can be very impersonal. Plus, who does't like floral owl doorstoppers, ey?
Much love!


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