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It's a fairly quiet week this week, so I've mostly been sorting stuff for youwearfashion, popping to dunelm mill to buy various things such as fabric glue and buttons. I'm trying to get it all done this week as I'm in Manchester next week two days in a row for various things - which will probably tire my out for the rest of the week!

Skeleton hands crop black tee, c/o ROMWE
American Apparel Black Disco Shorts XXS, c/o vouchercodes
Neon knit slouch beanie, ebay - £5.65
Alexander Wang Kirsten Tote lookalike, ebay - £32
Double platform studded creepers, ebay - £19.99

I wore this to dunelm mill and I am fully going to admit this was genuinely just stuff I threw together which I could find cause I have the worlds biggest floordrobe. I wanted to wear my disco pants with a different tee and my black beanie. But I can't find my disco pants or black beanie and god knows where my £3 primark sneakers have dissapeared to! I need a proper wardrobe sort through because it's getting beyond ridiculous!
However I really liked the outfit so asked James nicely if he could take photos after we got back, which by then the wind started to go crazy and so excuse the mess that is.. well, everything going on in the photos!
The lighting also kept changing but HEY I tried.

The top is probably getting on everyones nerves because it's ALL OVER the lookbookersphere (is that even a word idk) and is the bestseller on romwe which is currently my favourite place ever at the moment! I couldn't resist getting this as LUA wore this aazingly and she is a babe and to pay homage to her I whipped my creepers on - but I have to face the fact I will never ever ever be as cool as her -sigh-
First time you have seen my neon beanie since fashion week, where I well and truelly overdid it and will now always be remembered as that girl who wore the neon beanie. But HEY I still love it and it is so comfy and perfect and brightens up this all black ensemble.

My hair is getting a little on the ginger side so I might redarken it with brown dye but I'm unsure as I really like it - but as the weather darkens I think maybe so should my hair? Don't worry I'm not getting rid of it - just darkening it for a more subtle ombre like it was HERE.

I've also updated my About me & FAQ pages guys so please take a look if you have any burning questions! :-)


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