I actually spoke about this dress via twitter in that I won it for £3.50. It was just described as 'asos smock dress' and the picture was genuinely awful, I only really wanted it because I saw the crushed velvet and peter pan collar, but didn't think it would look as lovely as this in person..

Asos smock dress, ebay - £3.50
Mirror necklace, matalan - £1.80

It's actually a dress from the asos petite collection, and there are some on ebay for £18 here if you want to take a lookie. Mine is a size 6, and I'm usually an 8 or occasionally a large 6 but because it's very loose it fits anywhere up to a 12 really. This dress so reminds me of the much loved TBA dress except you know.. cheaper and more realistic. Although I'm still unsure where I would wear this dress, but for £3.50 I can genuinely afford to just leave it chillin' in my wardrobe. Very satisfied.

I was stuck as to shoes to wear and because this is a cheating OOTD as I didn't wear it anywhere it was just for your benefit, I decided I'd go barefoot. And to be fair people on my street think I'm abit weird anyways with my sister taking pictures of me all the time, let alone wandering barefoot. But there you go. Things I do for you guys ey?

I'm wearing my mirror necklace I got in the matalan sale a while back and I thought it looked really good, and I've done a messy topknot as these days I'm getting a little lazy with my hair, not gonna lie.
My legs are looking super duper pale again I'm not sure why, but I really want summer here asap. It looked sunny yesterday but no, it was infact cold. Hmmmph.

So I may do a guide like my carboot one on ebay, not that I think I'm an expert, but key words and stuff to get the cheapest stuff, cause my god ebay is getting SO pricey these days. So that is on the 'to do list' along with a million other things, but bare with me!

Hope you're having a lovely week!


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