#025 Share Sunday

1. I've been getting very disorganised with, well, everything at the moment. I need to just have a couple of days off just to get my life together, but with lots of coursework deadlines at sixth form and work taking up my weekends, it seems like It's just not going to get any better :/

2. Been quite ill this weekend, so work has been a pain to get through. Moan moan moan, wah wah wah.

3. Received some lovely things in he post that I a very excited to blog about, so I need to fit that into my timetable to take some OOTD's but it should be worth it I hope.

4. I'm feeling really uninspired at the moment and I'm trying to keep this blog going with as much enthusiasm as I can but its genuinely getting so difficult. I was considering taking a blogger break, but I feel like I owe you guys to post as regularly as I can. After all, I'm almost at 1500 followers(!!!!) and I don't want to let people down. But then again blogging is starting to become this big chore, and I don't want it to be that, I want to enjoy it again. Hmmph, I'm not sure, I guess I'll just see how I feel!

5. I've deactivated my Facebook for abit and it is the most therapeutic thing in the world, honestly. I'm only doing it for a week or so to get al my coursework stuff out the way, but genuinely means I don't just sit there chatting to people and go on it for no reason .. big stress reliever!!

6. I'm wearing fake eyelashes in this picture, which I never really ever do but have been when going out etc. They were ones I got in the look goodybag, by 'eyelashesdirect.co.uk' What do you think? :)


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